What’s the cost of delivery?
For all orders with 10 or more items, delivery fee is included. If you want to order less than 10 items, a surcharge fee of 50 EUR will be added.

There is a new player on the team and we need 2 new jerseys, can we order this?
Yes, all your previous orders are saved in the system. The price of the jersey will be the same as on your original order, but with and added shipping cost (50 EUR).

How does the approval process work?
Once you have created your design by using our 3D engine and placed the order, there is an approval process that starts.

1. We will make sure all your logos and artwork are ok and meet the expectations for printed quality. If they don’t, we try to fix it with our designers or we will contact you if help is needed.

2. A 2D design file is created and uploaded to your account for you to approve. Here you will have to verify that all logos are placed on the right positions, colors are correct, and sizes of numbers, names and artwork are according to your expected design. Together with the design file, a Names and Numbers file is also uploaded to make sure the correct names/numbers are ordered with each size of the jersey.

3. Once you have approved the 2D design file and names/numbers file, we will produce a real sample product, take photos of front and back and upload under your account for you to approve. At this point you still have the chance to make changes, before we start production.

When we get your approval for the print file, we will start production. At any step an email will be sent to you when you need to take action.

With this thorough approval process, you don’t have to worry if, for example, the front logo is not aligned when you created the design. It also eliminates any unpleasant surprises that might occur when you receive your order.

During the approval process can the team be directly involved?
Yes, this is possible. In each approval step, there is an option to: Send design files to third party for approval. By entering an email address, you will send the files for approval, to a third party. When the files are approved / rejected you will be able to see this. You will also be notified through an email whenever a third party approves/rejects any design files.

What is the lead time?
Once the order has passed the approval process, we have a lead time of 2-3 weeks until you have the products in hand. For products that require embroidery work, lead time is between 3-5 weeks.

How do we know we get the right colors?
We are using Pantone color pallet. To make it easier, we have matched all the NHL teams colors with the right Pantone colors so when you design, you can chose your colors based on NHL teams instead of knowing the Pantone code.

There are three options during the design process: “NHL” colors, “Other” colors or you can use the comment field to specify a specific Pantone color code.

If you have previously made jerseys for a team, this jersey can be shipped directly to our factory and we can match it with the exact same colors.

I want a specific design that I cannot find in the template library – what do I do?
Once you have chosen the product that you would like to design, you will have several templates to chose from. It might however be the case that you would like a design/template that we do not offer – in which case we can then create the design manually for you. Contact us through Live Chat or email: info@b2bcut.com

Names and Numbers on the jerseys – Do I need to create individual jerseys for everyone?
No, this is not necessary. In the design process you add a name and a number on the jersey. Any name and number work for design purpose.

In the final step, TEAM DETAILS, you can specify the names and numbers and the various sizes of the jerseys and this can be done in two ways:

A: Use “Enter Quantities” and chose how many jerseys in each sizes you would like. At the bottom you must “UPLOAD SPREADSHEET WITH NAMES/NUMBERS”. Upload your excel sheet with names/numbers for each size.
B: Use “Or Player details” where you specify each jersey with the correct names and numbers individually.

How do I know if the Logo quality is good enough?
During the design process, we approve most logo file types and if the quality of the logo is too low in resolution, our design team will try to fix it. If it is not possible, we will contact you but most often we will find a solution to work with.

Can I upload any logos that I want?
You as the customer take full responsibility that you are allowed to use all material/logos that are used in your design. At B2BCut we do not take any responsibility for copyright or trademark and the responsibility is with the customer who places the order. We have the right to refuse any logos that are considered offensive or competing with Bauer.

How are the products delivered?
We ship all orders with air using DHL, FedEx, TNT or UPS. Once the order is shipped, you will be notified with a tracking number and can follow the delivery. The products are shipped as DDP which means that duty is paid by us and not by the customer.

Can I return the customized products?
If the order is not according to what has been approved during the approval process, the products will be remade free of charge, the same thing if there is a mistake which is not according to approval. However, since products are customized, we do not accept any returns based on “change of mind”